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Special access polling station

  • A special access polling station has been set up in the City of Leeuwarden. The location of the special access polling station is Neushoorn, Ruiterskwartier 41.
  • Bus line 6 stops twice an hour at polling station Neushoorn.
  • There are two permanent disabled parking spaces right next to De Harmonie.
  • Additional disabled parking spaces will be provided at Neushoorn polling station during the elections.

Visual impairment

  • You may use your own phone with magnification, or any other electronic magnifier or camera when voting.
  • A magnifying glass, extra lighting and an extra-large candidate list are available at each polling station.
  • You can be assisted in the voting booth by a polling station staff member, or someone you bring yourself.
  • A voting template with sound box is only available in polling station Neushoorn. More information on what a voting template is and how to vote with it can be found in the voting template video.
  • If you want to use the sound box, you may also bring your own headphones. Don’t forget the jack plug.
  • You can listen to the explanation on how to use the voting template and sound box at the polling station.

Auditory impairment

  • On 6 June from 7:30 am to 12:00 pm a Dutch Sign Language interpreter will be present at polling station Neushoorn.
  • You will find subtitled videos with a Dutch Sign Language interpreter on the website Stem jij ook.

Mild intellectual disability (LVB)

  • You cannot not be assisted in the voting booth. However, you may be given explanations outside the voting booth on how the ballot paper works. This may be done by a officer at the polling station, or by someone you bring yourself. You will find more information on the website of Steffie.
  • There are 4 polling duos in polling stations in the City of Leeuwarden.
    A Prokkel duo consists of a person with a mild intellectual disability and a supervisor. They can help you vote.
    You will find more information on Prokkel duos on the website of Stichting Prokkel.

Physical disability

  • All polling stations are easily accessible for people with standard-sized walkers or wheelchairs.
  • A lowered voting booth is available in all polling stations.
  • A host/hostess will be present in polling station Rhinoceros to provide assistance and guidance.
  • You can be assisted in the voting booth by a polling station staff member, or someone you bring yourself.
  • At polling station Neushoorn, there is an extra-large voting booth for mobility scooters and wheelchairs of different size. There is also a disabled toilet.

Election taxi for transport to the polling station

Do you have difficulty walking or other disabilities? But still want to vote in person? In that case, you can use the free election taxi.

How does it work?

The election taxi will pick you up from your home and take you to an easily accessible polling station near you. After voting, you will be taken back home. The election taxi may be slightly earlier or later than the agreed time.

Making an appointment

You can make an appointment until noon on Wednesday, 5 June. Contact Taxi Witteveen on 058 – 2800505. Clearly indicate that you want the election taxi, state the pick-up address and the address of the polling station. The address of your polling station can be found on the back of your polling card.

Your opinion counts!

The chairperson of the polling station keeps a record of complaints and comments.

Have you encountered anything in the polling station that is inaccessible?

Report this to the chairperson of the polling station.

Are there any problems or limitations with voting?

Report this to the City of Leeuwarden Accessibility Working Group. The email address is toegankelijkleeuwarden@gmail.com.

Questions or more information?

  • For other information or questions, contact the City of Leeuwarden.
  • More information about the elections can be found on the Elections page.