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Procurement and tendering policy rules

The City of Leeuwarden’s Procurement and Tender Policy 2018-2022 ensures that entrepreneurs have equal opportunities for contracts from the local authority. The rules are based on European laws and regulations. These stipulate that we are obliged to put out a contract that is equal to or more than a certain threshold amount to European tender.

Procurement conditions

All services and supplies to the local authority are subject to the 2014 Procurement Terms and Conditions.


Tenderned provides an overview of all works, services and supplies for which you can bid via public tender. Smaller purchases and tenders are often procured directly.

European tendering rules

More information can be found on the European Procurement Knowledge Portal.

Registering for long-lists for works

From 1 February 2023, the City of Leeuwarden will work with long-lists for the procurement of works. Here you can read what this entails and how it works.

Long-list system for works

To make single and multiple negotiated tenders as transparent and objective as possible, the local authority will henceforth use long-lists. We cooperate in this with the support organisation Qfact. A long-list is a list of interested and suitable companies per field of activity that meet predefined suitability requirements, from which the local authority can select. Companies on the long-lists do not have the certainty of being invited to every tender.

For the time being, the system of long-lists applies only to our public contracts as shown in the overview below. Currently, you can apply as an interested party for the following subject areas/lists.


1. Asphalt: reconstruction, construction and maintenance.
2. Component paving: construction, maintenance and redesign.
3. Sewerage: construction and maintenance.
4. Greenery: construction and maintenance.
5. Small hydraulic structures: construction and maintenance.
6. Civil structures concrete construction: construction.
7. Civil structures concrete construction: maintenance/renovations/conservation.
8. Civil structures steel construction: construction, major maintenance/renovations.
9. Civil structures steel construction: conservation.
10. Civil structures electrical engineering and industrial automation: construction and maintenance.
11. Dredging works.
12. Earthworks: major earthworks.


If you are interested in tendering for contracts applicable to the above subject areas, please let us know at groslijsten@leeuwarden.nl.

You will then receive an invitation from us with information on how to apply via the Qfact (formerly EMVI Performance Measurement) website.

Signing up for multiple long-lists

As an entrepreneur, you can sign up for multiple long-lists. For each long-list, you must comply with the specified requirements and provide the necessary supporting documents, including the Uniform European Tender Document (UEA). You can download this document during registration. If you have signed up for a long-list, you must keep your details up to date yourself. More information on the system and the requirements can be found in the document Long-list selection system City of Leeuwarden.

Questions about the process, signing up and registering?

Send an email to helpdesk@qfact.nl. During office hours, queries are normally dealt with within 24 hours.