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Reuse or recycle

On this subject we take the Circulaire verwerkingsladder into account.


We have a number of goals:

  • Recycling or reusing more raw materials.
  • Placing Leeuwarden on the map as an ideal location for circular companies.
  • More circular projects. This has a favourable effect on employment.

Implementation program

We work with partners in the region to achieve our goals. We are working on the following ambitions:

  • By 2025, we and the Friesland region will be among Europe’s top 3 most favourable development regions.
  • In 2025, we will maximise our circular procurement.
  • In 2030, circular construction will be standard.
  • In 2050, we will have a waste-free society.

The Circular Economy Implementation Program explains how we do this.

Support for entrepreneurs

We support small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) entrepreneurs with new ideas. For example, to reduce the consumption and use of raw materials. Or to come up with smart new solutions or partnerships. You will find information about how we provide support on the website of Ondernemend Leeuwarden.

A waste-free society

We have two goals:

  • Only 30 kg of residual waste per resident a year in 2030.
  • A waste-free district in 2050.

You will find more information about these goals on the website Well located in Leeuwarden.

We as a local government organisation also aim to be waste-free

That is why we purchase as much circularly as possible and work on reducing our organization’s CO2 emissions. You can read how we do this in the Sustainable Own Organization Implementation Agenda.

Maximum circular procurement

We are more frequently asking for circular solutions in our procurement policy. You will find more information in our Circular Procurement Roadmap.

We procure at least 10 circular projects a year: