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What do you need to take with you to the Town Hall?

  • It is necessary for parents to visit the Town Hall together.
  • Please bring your valid ID.
  • For a second or subsequent child, the mother does not have to attend the appointment.
  • In that case, you need the mother’s written consent with a signature. Also bring a copy of the mother’s valid ID.
  • Does the mother live abroad? If so, she must prove with a single status declaration.

What do you need to know?

If you acknowledge the child before birth, then

  • The child receives Dutch nationality at birth, if one or both parents are Dutch.
  • The father or co-mother are given (shared) financial responsibility for the child.
  • An inheritance relationship arises between the father or co-mother and the child.
  • The child has two legal parents immediately at birth. The father or co-mother is directly named as a parent in the birth certificate.

Requesting parental authority

The rules on parental authority changed on January,1 2023. Parents who are not married or do not have a registered partnership will also receive joint custody through acknowledgement after January 1, 2023.

Did you acknowledge a child before January 1, 2023? In that case, the ‘old’ rules apply.

Do you want to know which situation applies to you? View the chart Parental authority by acknowledgement.

  • You do not automatically get parental authority over the child if you acknowledged the child before birth.
  • You apply to the court for parental authority. The central government website has more information on applying for parental authority.

Choice of name for the first child

  • Are you acknowledging the child before birth? And is this your and your partner’s first child? Then you can choose that the child receives the surname of the father, the duo mother or a double surname. You do this upon acknowledgment. For this purpose, both partners personally sign the deed of acknowledgment of the unborn child at the town hall.
  • What if you do not do this? Then the child will automatically be given the mother’s surname. Subsequent children from this relationship will automatically be given the same surname as the first child.


Recognising a birth is free of charge.