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The target group register

The target group register is a national list administered by the UWV Employment Insurance Agency. The register lists people with an occupational disability. Employers can apply for subsidies, medical appliances or extra support for these people. People listed in the target group register are more likely to find a job.

Reporting that you are listed in the target group register.

You cannot sign up for the target group register yourself. This is done for you when, for example, you apply to the UWV for a ‘work capability assessment’. You can report that you are listed in the target group register on the website Werk.nl. Log in with your DigiD and go to ‘Mijn CV’. Tick the option ‘Baanafspraak’ (job appointment).

Wage cost subsidy

Information for employers

As an employer, you can employ people with a wage subsidy. You are entitled to this subsidy if the employee cannot earn the statutory minimum wage independently. The amount of the subsidy depends on the employee’s wage value. This is referred to as the ‘earning capacity’. A certified employee (a wage value expert) measures the employee’s wage value. The part of the statutory minimum wage that the employee cannot earn independently is the amount you as an employer receive as a wage subsidy.

Information for employees

  • Step 1: At work
    • When you start working somewhere, you usually start with an (unpaid) trial period. This way, both you and the employer can experience whether the work suits you.
    • Someone from the local authority will come to your place of work (job coach).
  • Step 2: Apply for a subsidy
    • Do you and the employer want to continue together and will you receive a contract? If so, the employer can apply for wage subsidy at the municipality. For this application, the employer provides information about you to the local authority.
  • Step 3: Investigation
    • Someone comes by to investigate how you do your work. This researcher determines your ‘wage value’. This is another word for how fast you work and how you work.
  • Step 4: Interview with the local authority
    • Your contact person from the municipality, usually the job coach, will visit your work. You and your employer will discuss the outcome of the investigation.

Other assistance and support (employer)

  • Are you employing someone on the target group register? If so, you can apply for allowances from the City of Leeuwarden. For example, to adapt the workplace, an adapted office chair, special shoes or an adapted toilet.
  • As an employer, you are entitled to a No-Risk policy. This insurance entitles you to compensation from the UWV for the hours your employee is off sick.
  • You can claim it annually for employees with a low salary. This is called the ‘wage expenses allowance’ (LKV). Apply for the LKV via your wage and national insurance contributions return.
  • You can claim an annual subsidy if you hire employees who struggle to find work. This is called the ‘low-income allowance’ (LIV).

Other assistance and support (employee)

Does your workplace need to be adjusted?

Then your employer can apply for compensation. For example, for the costs of an adapted office chair or special shoes.

Assistance from a job coach

A job coach can help you in your workplace. For example:

  • During the training.
  • With becoming accustomed to new colleagues and the work you do.
  • Conversations between you and your employer.
  • Participate in your workplace.

Questions or need help?

Contact the City of Leeuwarden and ask for a job coach from the work team.