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How to download bank statements

The steps to download online bank statements differ between banks. The instructions for each bank are given below. Do you have an account with an unlisted bank or having difficulty? If so, contact your bank’s customer service department.


1. Log in to ABN AMRO Internet banking.
2. Click ‘Zelf regelen’ (self-service) in your personal menu.
3. Click ‘Afschriften en overzichten downloaden’ (download bank statements) and select the name for the bank statements.
4. Choose whose bank statement you want to download (this is your own name, you can also select your partner in the case of a joint account )
5. Select the account: savings account (spaarrekening) or current account (betaalrekening)
6. Select a bank statement
7. Select the last option “alle afschriften / overzichten uit de volgende periode” (all bank statements from the previous period). Enter the period.
8. Click OK
9. Click on the PDF logo under ‘Afschriften en overzichten’ (statements and overviews) to download the file.


1. Log in to Mijn ING and click on ‘Service’
2. Click on ‘af- en bijschrijvingen downloaden’ (download credit and debt statements)
3. Select the account and the period for which you want to receive the bank statement.


1. Log in to Rabobank Internetbankieren.
2. Select the account.
3. Click on ‘Download transacties en afschrift’ (Download transactions and bank statement) to the right of the menu.
4. Click the period to down load the bank statement for that period.


1. Log in to SNS Internetbankieren.
2. Go to ‘Bekijk bij- en afschrijvingen’ (view credits and debits).
3. Select the period.
4. Select ‘Print pdf’.
5. Select ‘Openen’ (open).


1. Log in to ASN
2. Go to ‘Betalen’ en dan ‘Transactieoverzicht’ (payment and transaction statement) to the left of the menu.
3. Click ‘Downloaden’ (Download).


1. Log in to Internet Bankieren
2. Go to ‘Overzichten’ (Summaries) -> ‘Afschriften’ (Bank statements).
3. Select the bank statements you want to download
4. Click the printer icon.
5. Download your bank statements as a pdf file.

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