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Are you unwilling or unable to apply online?

Download the Application form study allowance and fill it out (in Dutch only). Send the form to the City of Leeuwarden. Do not do this sooner than two weeks before your study programme begins. You can also hand it in at the Town Hall.

What are the conditions?

  • You are entitled to student allowance (WSF 2000) or receive financial assistance under the Fees and Educational Expenses (Allowances) Act (WTOS).
  • You cannot work alongside your studies due to a disability or illness. To assess whether this is your case,we request an independent medical opinion. In some cases, a medical opinion is not necessary. For example, if the opinion of the attending physician/therapist clearly indicates that you cannot work alongside your studies. We will base the decision on whether to grant you student allowance on this information.

Are you receiving a Wajong benefit and are you studying?

In that case, you are not entitled to a study allowance.

Do you receive an internship allowance?

Let us know how much internship compensation you will receive. Do you receive more internship compensation than €211.67 per month? Then your study allowance will be lower.

Do you have to show what costs you have?

No. This is not necessary to receive the study allowance.

What is the amount of the allowance?

Age Monthly study allowance (net)
Age 21 and above € 352.80
20 € 282.23
19 € 211.67
18 € 176.40
17 € 139.35
16 € 121.71
15 € 105.84


Find out what you are entitled to

Want to know which schemes and allowances you are entitled to? Do the check via the website datgeldtvoormij.

Questions or need help?

Go to your local buurt- of dorpskamer (community centre). Or Contact the City of Leeuwarden