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  • Items for recycling. For example, furniture, TVs, white goods, second-hand items or clothes.
  • Large and small electrical appliances.
  • Pruning waste or large and small branches.
  • Furniture, bicycles, hardware, flooring or mattresses.


Take away your bulky waste

Taking away your bulky waste is always free of charge if you deliver the waste separated by type of material. Can’t separate the waste? Then you can bring it twice free of charge. Always make an appointment at the Milieustraat first. The following rates are charged after the second time (you pay this charge at the Milieustraat):

  • To deposit unsorted bulky waste, unsorted construction and demolition waste, roofing leather, plasterboard and plaster blocks, wood and rubble, you pay:
    • Trunk for passenger car €6.
    • Small trailer € 15.
    • Medium trailer € 25.
    • Large trailer € 40.
  • Charges for other waste streams:
    • Car tyre of passenger car with hub € 5.
    • Car tyre without hub, free of charge.
    • Motorbike tyre with or without hub € 5.
    • Large battery € 5.
    • All bagged waste € 2 per bag.

Have your bulky waste collected

Collection of bulky waste is free twice a year on special collection days (maximum 1 cubic meter). If you want to have bulky waste collected more often or on a date of your choice, it costs € 62 for 1 cubic meter. Always make an appointment at the Omrin first.

Borrow a cargo bike or trailer?

Easily take your waste to the Milieustraat? Book a cargo bike or trailer at Omrin via 0900 -2100215.