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Are you not using a sticker?

You will then receive door-to-door newspapers and, for example, local newspapers or information about work in the area. But no more advertising brochures.

What can you do with a letterbox sticker?

Indicate that you:

  • Are you interested in mail that does not contain your name (unaddressed advertising material) and door-to-door newspapers (Yes sticker).
  • You are not interested in mail that does not contain your name (unaddressed advertising material) nor in door-to-door newspapers (No/No sticker).

Have you already placed a sticker?

Then it remains valid.

What stickers are there?

Type of sticker Unaddressed advertising material desired Unaddressed door-to-door magazines desired
Yes – sticker Yes Yes
No sticker or No/- Yes sticker No Yes
No – No sticker No No


Request a sticker

You can pick up the stickers at the counter in the town hall in Leeuwarden. This costs you nothing. Are you unable to pick it up? Contact the City of Leeuwarden we will then send it to you.

View advertising brochures online

Go to the reclamefolder website.

Register digitally for brochures

Brochure distributor Spotta operates a digital system. Do you want to receive or continue receiving brochures from Spotta? Sign up using the website inMijnBus. You will still need the stickers for other brochures.

Create your own brochure package

Go to the Folderkiezer website. You will then only receive the brochures you want.

Do you have any questions or complaints about the advertising brochures?

It may happen that you receive advertising brochures even though you do not want this. Please contact the FRL Groep or Spotta (recognizable by the foil-wrapped package).

Do you continue to receive brochures after your report and do you not want this?

Have you reported it to the FRL group or Spotta and are you still receiving advertising brochures? Contact the City of Leeuwarden. This can also be done through our contact form.

Advertising mail with your name on it (addressed advertising mail)

The municipality cannot do anything about this. Would you like to unsubscribe from this? This can be done via postfilter website.