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Why a low-traffic zone?

For many years, the city centre was the place we went to do our shopping. In recent years, the city centre has increasingly become an area where we like to spend our free time, a place to go for a visit.

Many residents and business owners therefore prefer there not to be too much traffic in the city centre. That is why the City of Leeuwarden has made the north-western part of the city centre a low-traffic zone.

In the coming years, the local authority will also take other measures to make the city centre more attractive, safe and liveable.

Apply for, change or cancel entry exemption

Are you located in the low-traffic zone, or do you need to be in this area with a motor vehicle? If so, you will need an entry exemption. More information can be found on page entry exemption for low-traffic city centre.

What happens next?

We are making plans to redevelop and green the Eewal and Wortelhaven areas. We are doing this by engaging with local residents and business owners in the area. This is how we make it a more attractive area to visit.

Camera surveillance

We are also going ahead with our camera surveillance plans. Until the cameras are in place, we will deploy traffic controllers at busy times.

City Centre Programme

Plans for camera surveillance and greening the Eewal and Wortelhaven will be incorporated in the City Centre Implementation Programme. The city council is likely to discuss this programme before summer 2023.

Entry exemption

We are making it more difficult for unwanted traffic to enter and leave the area. An entry exemption is required for the low-traffic zone. Please note that an entry exemption only allows you to load and unload, you cannot park.

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