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Amelandskwartier plan

The Amelandskwartier needs a quality boost. We have made plans for this area with a broad group of owners, entrepreneurs and residents:

  • An attractive urban living environment.
  • A pleasant place to live in and experience.
  • More attention to cultural quality and recreational opportunities.
  • More attractive routing with attention to social and road safety.
  • Climate change.

Amelandskwartier development framework

The quality boost is based on various ideas. The initiators are encouraged to look beyond their own earning model.

They are expected to base their Amelandskwartier contribution on a number of themes. The themes are:

  • Leeuwarden, Friesland’s Capital City.
  • Healthy City.
  • Housing for inner-city enthusiasts.
  • Energetic and sustainable.


The local authority makes agreements with each initiator on their contribution.

The Amelandskwartier Development Framework forms the basis for the agreements the local authority makes with initiators.

Submit an initiative

Do you have any suggestions within this area? Send an email to amelandskwartier@leeuwarden.nl.


The Development Framework includes a number of pointers for each sub-area. You can use the checklist for an initial scan to see if your initiative is aligned to the Amelandskwartier ambitions.

Bonifatiusplein survey

Talks with local owners, entrepreneurs and residents covered subjects such as less parking space and more space for greenery. Three options were created, each with its own ideas for a greener Bonifatiusplein. That is the subject of this questionnaire.


Thank you for completing the questionnaire! We look forward to hearing about your wishes.