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An attractive and healthy city centre

  • We work towards making the city centre attractive and healthy. With good amenities and a mix of functions.
  • We maintain the historical-spatial quality because it is important for an attractive city centre.
  • We develop the city centre as a pleasant area with space for culture, events and festivals. A place for meetings, business and private, where new ideas can flourish.
  • We are making the city greener by adding trees.
  • We will also be working on making the city centre climate-adaptive.
  • Inner cities provide jobs and are important for the city’s business climate. That is why we encourage entrepreneurship. We take care to ensure there is a fair distribution of functions between retail and hospitality.

This is founded on the City Centre Agenda 2021-2028. In the coming period, we plan to further develop these plans into an implementation programme.

What are the ambitions?

The agenda defines various ambitions and measures until 2028. These are based on various themes that make the city centre what it is. Or what could be improved. In brief, the City Centre Agenda is about the following levels of ambition:

Ambition level A

Accelerating current policy.

Ambition level B

Acceleration of and additional commitment to existing policies.

Ambition level C

Special and distinctive projects on defining themes such as water, green space and art and culture.

Ambition level D

A strong and vital city centre.

We’re getting down to business

The local authority is already developing and implementing measures for the city centre. Examples include the introduction of a low-traffic city centre, special art projects and measures for a better climate and an accessible city. For the most part, this fits with ambition level A from the agenda. The city executive wants to work with the city council to develop ambition level C. That is all about working for a truly distinctive city centre.