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Electric charging station on your own premises

If you have a private driveway, you are allowed to install an electric charging station there. For this, you can contact a garage or installation company yourself.

Electric charging station in public space

Residents, businesses and institutions with electric cars but do not have parking facilities on their own property or a private driveway can apply for a public charging station via the website charging station required. This charging station is not only for yourself, but also for other users. On the website charging station required you will find all public charging stations in the district.


  • You live or work in the district in which you are applying for a charging station.
  • You live or work at least 18 hours a week in the relevant district. You must also be able to prove this.
  • You have an electric car (or will soon be getting one) and can prove this by means of a (provisional) purchase or lease contract, proof of ownership or similar document.
  • There is no public charging station in your area yet (maximum 250 metres walking distance from the application address). If there is a charging station in your area, we will check whether this charging station is widely used.
  • If it is an application for a charging station in a permit requirement area or an exemption holder area, you must be able to prove that you have a parking permit or parking exemption.


The City of Leeuwarden , together with other municipalities in Friesland, has commissioned TotalEnergies to carry out the installation of public charging stations. You may not install an electric charging station in the public space yourself. Laying a cable across the pavement is not allowed either. The City of Leeuwarden does not cooperate with installing charging cables safely in public spaces.


  • It will check whether your application is complete and meets the conditions. If so, TotalEnergies will find a suitable location for the charging station in the immediate vicinity of your application address in consultation with the local authority.
  • The work is carried out once the application and site proposal are approved, after the preparation (taking and publishing the traffic decision, issuing the permit and realising the grid connection).
  • The period from application to installation of the electric charging station is about 4 months.
  • TotalEnergies handles all applications and is responsible for installing the public charging stations in the local authority.