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Support for the social foundation

The local authority provides resources/money for the social foundation. This includes resident initiatives and volunteer organizations. Examples include the Mienskipsfonds and budgets for encouraging residents to maintain green spaces. In this way, the local authority invests in a strong social foundation.

How can we best support the social foundation?

Do you sometimes organize an activity for your local residents? Or do you do voluntary work for a foundation or association in the City of Leeuwarden? We’d like to hear about your experiences! Do you ever interact with the local authority and/or Amaryllis in this role? How is that interaction going? We would like to know if you know how to contact the local authority and/or Amaryllis if you have questions.

Fill in the survey

The survey can be completed until Sunday, 12 May 2024. It takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Talks about strengthening the social foundation

We are hosting a meeting this summer, at which we will discuss the survey results in more detail. At this meeting, we will be pleased to discuss these matters. More information about these meetings will follow at a later date.

Examples of the social foundation in Leeuwarden

The social foundation is constantly evolving. This can be seen at libraries, schools, sports clubs, cultural institutions, places of worship and community and village halls, for example. But also in neighbours who help each other with the shopping, do chores for each other and cook dinner. The examples in the leaflet ‘The Social Foundation’ leaflet show the power of ideas that originated from the social foundation in the City of Leeuwarden.