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Importance of sports and exercise

Sports and exercise are important for a healthy and happy life. Sports and exercise also help to reduce the risk of disease. Examples include:

  • obesity
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • diabetes

Sports and exercise also connects people. At the sports club, gym and in sports groups you not only work on your physical health, but social contact is just as important.

Starting note with central topics

A starting note has already been made. This is the first step towards the new policy framework. The initial memorandum is called ‘A new policy framework for sport and exercise’. This sets out what the process for new sports policy looks like and at what points we ask associations, organizations and residents to contribute ideas.

The initial memorandum focuses on five topics. These are:

  1. From an early age, versatile in movement for a lifetime.
  2. Sports infrastructure, the basis for facilitating sports and exercise.
  3. Strengthening the sports climate and recreational sports.
  4. Vision on top sport (policy) in the municipality of Leeuwarden.
  5. Reducing health inequalities with sport as a means.

Think along with us

On the Thursday evening of 21 March, we had a meeting to kick off the participation process for the new Sports and Exercise Policy Framework. We can look back on a successful and enjoyable evening. Many ideas were raised that we can use to move forward.

Follow-up sessions in April

Would you like to think further about the new policy framework and how we can get residents to move more and better? We organize in-depth meetings per theme in April. Would you like to think about this? Apply via secretariaat.sd@leeuwarden.nl.