Quick to:

Unable or unwilling to change your name usage online

Make an appointment to visit the Town Hall.

Which name do we use from then on

You can tell us how to address you in correspondence. For example:

  • Only with your own name.
  • Only with your partner’s name.
  • With your own name, followed by your partner’s name.
  • With your partner’s name, followed by your own name.

For example

Ms Simons marries Mr Oudewater. They may both use the following names:

  • Oudewater
  • Simons
  • Oudewater-Simons
  • Simons-Oudewater

Have you previously been married? Have you previously been in a registered partnership?

You can continue to use your ex-partner’s surname.

Use of name on official documents

Your own (birth) name remains on official documents. For example, on your driving licence, passport, extract or marriage certificate. This also applies if you have asked us to use a different name in correspondence.

Who do you notify of your name usage?

Your choice of name is automatically passed on to the local authority, Tax Administration and Social Insurance Bank. You pass this information to other agencies yourself. For example, your bank and insurance company.


Changing your name usage is free of charge.