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Are you unwilling or unable to apply online?

Download the Application Form for the Subsidy Scheme for Sustainability of Companies in Monuments and complete it. Send the form to the City of Leeuwarden. You can also hand in the form at the Town Hall.

How does it work?

  • Before submitting a request, request one or more quotes for the measures you want to have carried out.
  • In addition to the application form, please enclose the following attachments:
    • a technical description of the work to be performed and materials to be used;
    • an itemized open budget. The removal of any “heat curtain” is included in the budget;
    • if applicable: the (environmental) permit(s) required for the implementation;
    • photos of the monument and the parts to which the work relates;
    • if a legal entity makes the application: a minimis declaration completed on behalf of that legal entity. For more information about a minimis declaration, see the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment;
    • tender(s).

Are you applying for the subsidy in writing? Send the documents by post to the City of Leeuwarden. You can also hand it in at the Town Hall.

Who is the scheme intended for?

The scheme is for monumental buildings that serve as business premises in the municipality of Leeuwarden. As an applicant you must be the owner of the monumental building. Are you a tenant? Then you can bring this scheme to the attention of your landlord, the municipality’s SME energy coach will be happy to support you in this conversation, please contact Reinder Feenstra via reinder.feenstra@leeuwarden.nl.

For what purpose can you use the scheme?

With this scheme you can receive a subsidy to have insulating measures carried out on your building. This is to reduce energy costs and save energy. We encourage owners to have this done in a manner that is responsible for the monument.

What are the conditions?

  • You are the owner of a monumental business building in the municipality of Leeuwarden.
  • You have not previously received a subsidy from this subsidy scheme.
  • No other subsidy has been granted or requested by the municipality for the same work.
  • The activities for which a subsidy is requested must be carried out within one year after you have received the subsidy.
  • The work started on or after 1 January 2024.

Applications can be made until December 31, 2024 at the latest. More information on this subsidy scheme can be found under the heading ‘Laws and regulations’ at the bottom of this page.

What can you get a subsidy for?

You can apply for the subsidy for the following activities:

  • Sustainable monuments advice (Dumo): tailor-made advice carried out in accordance with the standards applicable in the profession.
  • Insulate walls, floors, bottom and roofs of existing construction.
  • Insulate windows and doors.
  • Draft proofing and crack sealing (including making a draft lock).
  • Energy-efficient ventilation measures in addition to the insulation measures.
  • Necessary maintenance work on the parts to be insulated following the insulation measures.
  • Energy-saving measures with regard to electricity installations or heat supply, such as removing a “heat curtain”, replacing a heat installation with a heat installation with a minimum energy label A.
  • Architect costs.
  • Fees for any required permit.
  • An ecological study for the purpose of applying for the environmental permit from the province, which is required for the implementation of the isolation measure on the basis of the Environmental Act and the Living Environment Activities Decree with a view to nature protection.

Do you have any questions about the above activities or need additional advice? Please contact Harm Haitsma (harm.haitsma@leeuwarden.nl) or Jessica de Vries (jessica.devries@leeuwarden.nl).

Grant amount

  • You can receive a subsidy of 30% of the costs for the sustainability work.
  • Is biobased insulation material used? Then you can receive an extra 10% subsidy.
  • Is ecological research needed? Then you can get 50% of the costs subsidized up to a maximum of € 2,000.
  • A maximum grant of €20,000 per application will be provided.

Laws and regulations

The following regulations can be found on the website Overheid.nl (local):

  • Subsidy scheme for sustainability of monuments in the business category of the City of Leeuwarden
  • General Subsidy Ordinance Leeuwarden 2018 (ASVL)