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How and where to apply for a VOG?

You apply for a VOG for yourself.

Bring the following with you to the Town Hall:

Applying for a VOG for somebody else.

Bring the following with you to the Town Hall:

  • A fully completed Application form Certificate of Good Conduct (PDF, 393.63 KB).
  • An authorisation letter. This states that you are authorised by the other person to apply for a VOG in their name.
  • Your passport, ID card or driver’s licence.
  • A copy of the proof of identity of the person whose VOG you are applying for.
  • ​You pay for the VOG in cash or with your debit card.

You are a volunteer who works with children or vulnerable people.

Apply for the VOG free of charge through Justiswebsite.

You are an employer and apply for a VOG for your employee.

There are several ways. More information is provided on the website of Justis.

You live abroad or don’t have a permanent place of residence or domicile

Apply for VOG via Justis website.

When will you receive an answer to your application?

You will receive the VOG, or the rejection, by post two to four weeks after your application.

The Ministry of Security and Justice assesses the application. Justis issues a VOG.

Commercial websites: unnecessary extra costs

Justis is the only organisation in the Netherlands allowed to issue a VOG. The official website of Justis is www.justis.nl.

Online you will find commercial parties who offer to apply for a VOG in your name.

These businesses do not belong to Justis. If a commercial party applies for a VOG in your name, Justis will assess this application. These applications are handled in the same way and at the same speed as other VOG applications.

Applying for a VOG through a commercial business will not be faster.

However, it will cost more. You also pay the company that submits the application for you. This charge is in addition to the normal cost of a VOG application.


A Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) costs: € 41.35.