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Are you unwilling or unable to apply online?

Make an appointment for your visit. We cannot help you without an appointment. The dates you see when you schedule your appointment online are the only dates available. There is nothing to gain by calling us for an appointment.

  • Take valid proof of ID with you. This could be an ID card, passport or driver’s licence.
  • The extract is payable in case or by PIN at the counter.
  • You will be given the extract straight away.

Applying for yourself or others

You can apply for a BRP extract for:

  • yourself;
  • your partner;
  • your child living with you (even if they are over 18 years old);
  • someone who has authorised you.

What types of extracts are there?

  • Proof of Dutch citizenship.
  • Proof of being alive.
    • This proves you are alive in the Netherlands.
  • Certificate of life.
    • This proves you are alive abroad.
    • Apply for this declaration in person at the Town Hall. The declaration states you arrived at the counter alive.
    • The statement is made in multiple languages. It can also be used abroad.


Key Register of Persons (BRP)

Extracts from the BRP € 15.90.

Signature authentication € 10.40.

Authentication certificate € 10.40.

Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG)

Certificate of Good Conduct € 41.35.