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Voting conditions

You are permitted to vote if you:

  • you are 18 years or older;
  • on 9 October 2023:
    • are registered in the City of Leeuwarden;
    • have Dutch nationality.
  • are not excluded from the right to vote.

Are you staying temporarily abroad?

Are you temporarily abroad on Wednesday, November 22 during the House of Representatives elections? For example, for your work, study or holiday? And are you registered in the City of Leeuwarden? In that case, you can vote by letter or by proxy. We explain how that works below.

Postal votes

Do you have a postal address abroad? If so, you can vote in person by letter. You apply to the City of The Hague for this by October 25. You will find more information on the website of the City of The Hague.

By proxy (arrange a written proxy)

You can already arrange a written proxy. For example, because you are going on holiday and have not yet received the poll card or if you do not have proof of identity.

  • Fill in the Model L 8 form. Do this together with the person you want to authorise.
  • The completed and signed form must be received by the City of Leeuwarden no later than November 17:
    • Send an email to verkiezingen@leeuwarden.nl.
    • Or send the form to Gemeente Leeuwarden, afdeling Burgerzaken/Verkiezingen, Postbus 21000, 8900 JA Leeuwarden.
  • Have you already received a poll card? If so, please send it with your application.

The proxy holder receives a proxy certificate. They can use this to vote on your behalf.