Vision on Europe

Where the Union’s and Leeuwarden’s goals align, both parties have a lot to offer each other. This idea is at the basis for Leeuwarden’s European policy: on themes where Leeuwarden and the EU have the same goals, Leeuwarden will work together with European partners to realize its ambitions quicker, better or more efficiently. In practice, this can be done by acquiring European knowledge or funding. At the same time, Leeuwarden is keen to share its own distinct expertise with European partners, for instance on the themes of Water Technology, Agrofood, Circular Economy, Energy Transition or Cultural Tourism. In doing so, Leeuwarden makes an active contribution to realizing common European goals.

European cooperation is not a standalone goal, but rather an instrument to realize our local ambitions. That is why our own ambitions are always central in our European policy. To map where our ambitions align with the EU’s and where European cooperation can be valuable, Leeuwarden has developed an EU-agenda, which can be found here later. This document is operationalized in an project portfolio every two years. In practice, European cooperation often takes the shape of working together in European projects or participating in international networks.

Get in touch

Do you want to know more about Leeuwarden’s European policies? Or do you want to cooperate with Leeuwarden in an international project? Please contact the municipality’s EU-coordinator, Anke Hoekstra at