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What will you need to take with you to the Town Hall?

  • All ID cards and passports that you own, even if they have expired.
  • A passport photo that meets the requirements set out in the following document:
  • Means of payment. You can pay for the identity card in cash or by debit card.
  • Are you applying for a business passport for your child or children?
    • You will need to take them with you to the Town Hall. You must also take your child with you when you collect the passport.

Has your passport been lost or stolen?

Report this online to the local authority as soon as possible. This is necessary to prevent misuse. We will invalidate your ID card as soon as we receive this report. That means that you will no longer be able to use it you relocate it. You will need to hand it in to the local authority.

Are you unwilling or unable to report the loss of your passport online?

Make an appointment with the local authority. Complete a lost document form at the Town Hall. We will verify your identity, after which you can directly apply for a new document. It is no longer necessary to report the loss to the police.

Travelling with your children

Children should always carry their own passport or identity card when traveling abroad.

Some countries ask for a certificate stating that the adult travelling with the child is genuinely the parent or custodian. Check with the embassy or consulate of the country you want to go to. You will find information about checks at the Dutch border at the website of the Rijksoverheid (central government).

Are you under the age of 18?

You will need to go to the Town Hall in person. Apply for your business passport at the counter. You need the permission of each person responsible for you: usually your parents. Please note the following points when arranging their permission and applying for your business passport:

  • One of the people responsible for you will go with you to the Town Hall to apply for your passport.
  • For the person who does not come with you, you will need to take:
  • Take all of your ID documents and passport with you, even if they have expired.
  • Take with you a passport photo that meets the requirements set out in the following document:
  • Take a means of payment with you. You can pay in cash or by debit card.

How long is a business passport valid for?

  • A new business passport for adults is valid for 10 years.
  • A new business passport for children and people under the age of 18 is valid for five years.

Having a business passport delivered

You can have your passport delivered to you at home or your place of work.


Each country has its own rules for foreign nationals visiting the country. A valid Dutch passport is sufficient in some cases. However, you may also need a visa.

Find out if you need a visa for the country you are planning to visit

Go to the Rijksoverheid (central government) website.

Applying for a visa

You can apply for a visa at organisations include the ANWB.