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Explanation of where roads are gritted

Road gritting is carried out on the main roads and cycle lanes. These are:

  • The main routes to the hospital, emergency services, railway station and bus station and the cemeteries.
  • The roads to and from the villages.
  • The bus routes.
  • All main roads and through roads.
  • A large part of the city centre.
  • The roads used to drive out of a district.
  • The business parks.
  • The main cycling routes.

Not all roads are gritted

There is too little traffic on some roads to drive the salt in. As a result, it does not work properly. The local authority expects residents or businesses to sweep their own pavements and/or spread salt.

No free salt from the local authority

The City of Leeuwarden does not give residents free salt to combat slipperiness.

Gritting salt can be bought in many places. For example, at DIY stores, garden centres and supermarkets.

Brine on cycling lanes instead of salt

On cycling paths, Omrin sprays brine to combat slipperiness. This is salty water. Brine on cycling lanes works better than salt because there is too little traffic to drive the salt in.

More information

More information can be found in the Slippery Control Plan 2020-2025 (PDF, 777.28 KB)