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Why participate in the fall prevention group training?

Stay fit longer, live independently at home and enjoy life with fall prevention group training. By participating in the training:

  • You can continue to do daily activities for longer.
  • Improve your muscle strength and balance.
  • Walk and move with more confidence.
  • Get to know new people.

The training courses reimbursed by the municipality:

  • In Balance: a 3-month group training, consisting of information meetings and an exercise program. A meeting takes place twice a week.
  • Otago: a 3-month group training with balance exercises and a walking schedule.

During the training you will receive information about healthy nutrition and exercises that you can do at home.

Locations and registration

The group training sessions are offered by a physiotherapist in your area or by Amaryllis in a community or village centre. Are you interested in fall prevention group training? Please contact a participating physiotherapist or Amaryllis for an appointment. You will find all information on the participating physiotherapist card or Amaryllis.