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What do we want to achieve?

Leeuwarden aims to be a place where young people feel at home, can be themselves and fulfil their dreams. We want the voice of young people to be even better heard in our city, to give them a say and equal opportunities. We also want to showcase the European character in Leeuwarden and Friesland even more.

Why do we want this?

In Leeuwarden, we like to look at people’s strengths and take a positive approach to the future. But growing up in these times is not always easy. That is why we want to involve young people fully in the (future) plans of our city. Together, we can achieve much more.

What does EYC offer you?

As European Youth Capital, young people are given way to bring their ideas for Leeuwarden to fruition. We aim to offer them even more of a place where they feel at home and where their ideas are heard. It shows that our city is performs excellently across the board.

How to take part

Ideas for Leeuwarden as European Youth Capital 2028? Contact the City of Leeuwarden. As a young resident of the City of Leeuwarden, but also as an organisation that works a lot with young people: we are happy to involve both in this adventure.