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Providers in Leeuwarden

  • Check: 175 shared scooters
  • Go Sharing: 175 shared scooters, 200 shared bikes.
  • Bolt: 200 shared bikes.
  • Greenwheels and MyWheels: 15 shared cars.

Rules for shared scooters and bikes in Leeuwarden

To ensure that shared mobility in the city runs smoothly, the City of Leeuwarden has drawn up rules that providers must adhere to:

  • If a user parks in an unauthorised place more than three times, the user may no longer use the service.
  • Providers must adhere to a maximum number of shared bikes and share scooters.
  • The vehicles must not emit polluting gases.
  • A plan for the introduction of ‘microhubs’ is being drawn up together with all providers. These are places where shared scooters must be parked.

Shared cars

There are about 15 shared cars in the City of Leeuwarden. They are Greenwheels and MyWheels. A number of plans of the Freonen fan Fossielfrij Fryslân are underway in the villages around Leeuwarden to start using shared cars there too. More information can be found on the website district administrators.


Are you experiencing nuisance from the shared scooters-bikes or cars? If so, please contact the provider: