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Neighbourhood panels and village associations

A neighbourhood panel or village association is a voluntary organisation. It involves residents, organisations or entrepreneurs from the neighbourhood or village. They consist of about 4 to 12 members. Members discuss plans and measures taken by the local authority, housing associations, the police or welfare institutions. Neighbourhood panels and village associations are important and indispensable groups for the City of Leeuwarden to work with. You too can contact the members if you want to organise an activity, or have a plan for your neighbourhood or village.

District and village hall

The neighbourhood associations and village associations run the neighbourhood and village houses. People from the various associations and organisations in the neighbourhood or village make up the association. They organise activities for the residents.

Get involved in your neighbourhood or village

Most panels welcome new members. Because they like to speak on behalf of all target groups. For example, young people, the elderly, people with and without migrant backgrounds and people from different income groups. Would you like to help organise activities or serve on the board of your community centre? If so, sign up with your neighbourhood panel or village association.

Area-based working handbook

The handbook explains how the local authority deals with the following issues and what you can expect from it:

  • Advocacy.
  • Liveability (clean, intact and safe): from the management of public spaces, to current issues in a neighbourhood or village.
  • Activities and initiatives: what to consider when organising activities or developing an idea.

We are currently developing the area-based work manual.

Neighbourhood and village programmes 2024

A digital overview of all projects in your neighbourhood or village that are planned for 2024 can be found via Neighbourhood and Village Programs. The neighbourhood panels and village associations create these programmes every year, together with the City of Leeuwarden. In the programs below you can view the projects via a document.