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Digitally accessible Information

Make sure information on your website and in leaflets is digitally accessible. You will find more information on the websites Digitoegankelijk and Drempelvrij.

Transport and accessibility

  • Provide parking spaces within 50 metres of the entrance.
  • Pay attention to the width of access roads. This should be at least 1.20 metres.
  • Think about a solution for how people return home after an event and in case of emergencies.

At the event site itself

  • Provide a hard, flat and non-slip surface. Both on the event site itself, and around it. So that wheelchair users can get anywhere they want to go.
  • Make sure that height differences are no more than 20 mm.
  • Do not make slopes steeper than 5%.
  • Create a passage at least 1.20 metres wide.
  • Make sure people with disabilities can also see the performers on stage.
  • Provide enough space for wheelchairs (width 90 cm and depth 1.20 metres) and a seat for a companion.
  • Provide clear signs showing directions. These should also be readable from a wheelchair. Use icons if possible.
  • Make cash registers and issue points a maximum of 1 metre high. For example, for drinks, tokens and food.
  • Provide adapted toilets nearby.

More information about events?

You will find more information on the page Events. For example, about:

  • Location profiles.
  • The Events Calendar.
  • The use of traffic controllers.
  • Organising events.
  • Nuisance caused by events