About the Giggin’ Policy project

The next generation will increasingly have to deal with insecure freelancing positions instead of permanent contracts. An MBO student who, after his or her education, starts working as a technician, graphic designer, ICT professional or construction worker, should be strong at networking, communicating and searching for assignments pro-actively. Knowledge institutions should respond to these new developments for them to bring forth young professionals the labour market needs.


The project, therefore, is targeted at creating awareness about the ‘GIG-economy’ and connecting youth with policymakers and advisors. This entails entering in dialogues with young people about what policy is needed for this new labour market question. The project intends to develop a structure in which young people express their views on such issues more frequently to policymakers.


The Municipality of Leeuwarden participates in this project because of the highly current topic, the cooperation with ‘GIG-economy’ policy advisors from elsewhere in Europe and the development of a structure in which young people from the MBO can make their voices heard to policymakers.

Project partners

  • Friesland College
  • ROC Friese Poort
  • Learning Hub Friesland
  • Municipality of Leeuwarden
  • Meath County Council (Ireland)
  • Dundalk Institute of Technology (Ireland)
  • Newry and Mourne Co-operative and Enterprise Agency (North-Ireland)
  • KSPCM (Lithuania)
  • Chamber of Commerce Barcelona (Spain)
  • Educem II (Spain)

Project duration

December 2020-November 2023.

The project’s total budget

€ 612.177,-