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Archaeological values

For excavation work in areas of archaeological value, you must apply for an ‘environmental permit’ or make a ‘soil disturbance report’. Our aim is to protect archaeological finds and landscape and cultural-historical values.

Work in agricultural heritage areas

Digging in cultural-historical landscape heritage areas is not automatically allowed. For example, you may not fill or dig a ditch or change a road or path. In some cases, an exception is made. For this, you apply for an environment permit.

Excavating and moving soil

Soil quality plays an important role when excavating, moving and using soil and/or dredged material elsewhere. To use soil, dredging and building materials, you must comply with the rules.

Soil information

A soil survey may be required for asbestos or other contamination in the soil when applying for an environment permit, land purchase or sale and planned earthworks. Health risks during excavation work or use (function) of a plot play an important role here.